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Modular terminal blocks
Screw terminal blocks, spring type, push-in and others. Measuring terminals and much more. Прочети повече
MCBs, motor and earth protection circuit breakers, contactors, push buttons, etc. Прочети повече
Frequency drives
Explore our complete range of industrial drives for general and HVAC applications, including control of both standard and PM motors. Choose between inverters in the range 0.1-710kW and enclosure classes IP20, IP55 and IP66. Прочети повече
Measurement devices
Multifunctional measuring devices, devices for power quality measurement, current and voltage transformers. Прочети повече
PFC - Power factor correction
Automatic power factor correction systems with and without reactors. Passive, active and dynamic systems with 7 or 14 % detuning. Prophi® power factor controller. Прочети повече
Industrial human machine interface devices (HMI's) ranging from 1,25" to 27" Прочети повече
Lockout / Tagout (LOTO)
Lockout / Tagout - easy to use lockout devices that cover most mechanical and electrical applications. Прочети повече
Handheld printers
We offer a complete line of handheld label printers that help you get the job done fast and efficiently. Perfect for lower volume printing applications and handheld use is possible. Прочети повече
Mobile printers - BRADY
With more than 400 different label options, the NEW BMP71 Portable Label Printer is Brady's most versatile portable printer. This easy-to-use labeler can help you cut material waste, save label making time, and print crisp labels more efficiently than ever before. Прочети повече
Thermal transfer printers
Thermal transfer printers, Thermal transfer printers, Thermal transfer printers, Thermal transfer printers Прочети повече
Absorbents - SPC
Brady's SPC absorbents are available for cleaning up oil, water and chemical based spills. Прочети повече
Relays and solid-state relays
Industrial relay modules and relays for PCB. Time monitoring relays and phase control. Measuring and thin relays. SIL safety relays and Solid State relays. Прочети повече
Power supplies
Power supplies for DIN and panel mount. Buffer, diode and UPS modules. Прочети повече
We provide enclosures in different sizes and with customised drilling holes; classical distribution boxes with modular terminals or customised control boxes equipped with electronic devices. Прочети повече
Marking systems
Desktop printers and industrial marking products for the identification of wires, cables, pipes and components. Прочети повече
Mobile printers - PARTEX
ProMark T-1000 is the latest addition to the ProMark family. It is an upgrade of our most popular profile printer ProMark T-800. Прочети повече
Iductive, Capacitive, photoelectric, conductive level sensors, magnetic, ultrasonic, motion and pressence sensors, environmental sensors and accessories. Прочети повече
Safety automation
Products for industrial automation and control. Light barriers, sensors, safety controllers for monitoring and control. Прочети повече
Rotary Encoders - Incremental Encoders and Absolute Encoders IXARC, Linear Position Sensors - LINARIX, KIT Encoders, Inclinometers, and more. Прочети повече
LED drivers
LED drivers IP65/IP68 Прочети повече
Inkjet printer
Our PrintJet ADVANCED is an inkjet printer which prints plastic markers in MultiCard format and metal markers from the MetalliCard family. Thanks to its high magazine capacity, it is ideal for printing large volumes in continuous operation. Прочети повече
Double (Raised) floor
A raised floor provides an elevated structural floor above a solid substrate (often a concrete slab) to create a hidden void for the passage of mechanical and electrical services. Прочети повече
Industrial computers
Industrial computers for diverse applications. Прочети повече
Professional tools
Precision Tools for Professionals. For cutting, stripping, crimping and testing. Automatic machines. Прочети повече
Smart Relays, mini PLC, modular and HMI integrated controllers. Прочети повече
Heavy duty connectors
Modular heavy duty connectors with metal or nylon body. From 1 to 216 con. ethernet Cat. 6A, 10 Gbit, pneumatics to 10 bar. IP65/68 Прочети повече
Surge protection devices
Защити от пренапрежения на всички нива от 5V TTL - до 1000 V DC.Защити от пренапрежения на всички нива от 5V TTL - до 1000 V DC.Защити от пренапрежения на всички нива от 5V TTL - до 1000 V DC. Прочети повече
Industrial еthernet
Active and passive components - switches, convertors, routers, hubs, patch panels and cables. Security routers and remote maintance products. Прочети повече
SAI / Remote I/O
Signal convertors
Преобразуватели на температура, аналогови и цифрови сигнали. Преобразуватели на температура, аналогови и цифрови сигнали. Преобразуватели на температура, аналогови и цифрови сигнали. Прочети повече
PCB terminals and connectors
Wide range of applications-based products includes PCB terminals and connectors, through-panel terminals, and electronics housings for industrial applications with emphases on signal processing and power electronics. Прочети повече
Conduits and connectors
Cable protection systems and cable transportation - cable glands, conduits, connectors and accessories. Прочети повече
Cable trays
Wire mash and perforated cable trays systems and accessories. Прочети повече
Cable lugs
Electrically sure cable lug, the cable lug is designed for 1.5-fold safety, for the processing of mulicore and normal flexible cables from от 0,5 до 630 mm². Прочети повече
Building management systems
We offer products for centralized control of a building's heating, ventilation and air conditioning, lighting and other systems through a building management system (BMS). Прочети повече