From the automotive industry to wind farms, system planners and operators are relying increasingly on modular concepts. And to implement these concepts, they need decentralised, adaptable solutions that cover a wide range of functions. Ideally, it should be possible to expand existing systems in the same way, without costly, time-consuming redevelopment.


The solution is to make well-established control cabinet functions such as feed-in, switching, protection and monitoring fit for use in the field. With the FieldPower® system, you can implement decentralised system and automation concepts that are future-proof and economical. The versatile module facilitates the transformation of IP20 into IP65.


FieldPower®: Your modular system for plant automation


Flexible enclosure solutions

  • Combinable modules in various sizes 
  • Selection of black and transparent lids 
  • Cooling lid for power electronics 
  • Individual modification with operating and signaling elements

Comprehensive range of services

  • Engineering support 
  • Individual terminal rail assembly 
  • Pre-assembled wiring solutions 
  • Complete assembly of the functional modules

Cost-effective wiring

  • Direct connection of uncut power lines 
  • Solutions for power distribution with and without plug-in connectors 
  • Innovative sealing system for the use of pre-assembled cables

Fast installation of individual functions

  • Tool-free installation of assembled and unassembled terminal rails 
  • IP20 components used in any combination 
  • Integration of electronic circuit boards possible 
  • Installation of customer-specific power electronics

All FieldPower® components at a glance

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Variable power branching device for quick and safe connection


A versatile system requires smart connection technology. The innovative FieldPower® module combines the advantages of busbar trunking systems and standard round cables for flexible and safe distribution of energy, signals and data. The pluggable insulation displacement connection makes installation on the cable particularly simple and secure. Outlet or inlet cables measuring 0.5 to 10 mm² can be connected using “PUSH IN” contacts.


The range of application options for FieldPower® speaks for itself


FieldPower® solution diversity


Control units that are normally installed in the control cabinet and are connected to the system via long cables, should – in the course o modularisation – be assigned decentrally in the field.


The solution:

For reliable use in the field, classic control cabinet components such as u-remote, PROtop or maxGUARD are integrated into robust IP65 enclosures.


IThe FieldPower® advantage:

With FieldPower® you always have the exactly the functions that you need. The well-designed module offers a suitable solution for almost all applications. Existing components can be adjusted at any time or enhanced via additional modules.


Power distribution for robotics 

FieldPower® solutions are an economical alternative to the usual steel enclosure applications. We tailor them with as many outputs as you require.

Decentralised power electronics 

By combining the enclosures, an unlimited number of functions can be added, such as u-remote for controlling various 400-V motors. This way, individual solutions can be implemented quickly and cost effectively.

Decentralised automation technology 

With decentralised automation technology, you can use lots of functions in the field in a targeted manner, which are supported by u-remote. This reduces the amount of cabling required and increases your productivity.