DC/DC converters

Stabilise control voltages in 24 V DC systems
Compact and powerful DC/DC converters for an everlasting supply

Maximum supply reliability and minimum downtimes indicate a good power supply system. However, the increasing complexity of supply solutions and the increased use of battery back-up systems can have a negative impact on the stability of the DC control voltage. Supply disruptions, e. g. voltage fluctuations as a result of different potentials or voltage drops as a result of long cables may occur as a result. These issues can often lead to cost-intensive production disruptions.

The DC/DC converter balances out voltage fluctuations, such as those arising as a result of unregulated voltage supplies. Voltage drops at the end of long cables are also balanced out. With protection class III for floating systems and galvanic isolation, the DC/DC converters are particularly well-suited for use with independent supply systems.

As well as having above-average performance characteristics, the DC/DC converter also stands out thanks to its slim design, ease of servicing and high degree of efficiency of up to 94 %. It also has a wide

In floating voltage systems, e. g. with emergency power battery systems in marine engineering, the control voltage needs to be galvanically isolated from the battery voltage


range of safety functions and can be combined with PROeco or PROmax power supplies. It is also possible to combine UPS components and diode modules with the DC/DC converter in order to establish a redundant power supply. All of these features make the DC converter a real all-rounder when it comes to 24 V DC supply voltages.


Reliable and powerful

The long-lasting Power Boost of up to 120 % and high peak currents of up to 600 % of the rated current for 16 ms guarantee reliable starting and safe operation even within limit ranges.

Product advantages

Extremely compact and energy-efficient

The compact design saves up to 30 % space in the control cabinet. The high degree of efficiency of up to 94 % ensures low energy costs.

Robust and reliable

Weidmüller DC/DC converters function reliably over a large temperature range of between –25 °C and +70 °C (start-up: –40 °C), and with a high MTBF value of over 1,000,000 hours.

Quick status diagnostics and maintenance

The preventative function monitoring via LED display, the status relay and transistor outputs make it easier to carry out status and error analyses during commissioning and operation.


All-purpose usage

Variants with 5 A, 10 A and 20 A and international approvals (e. g. cULus, Class I, Div. 2, ATEX, GL, DNV) allow for global use in a range of different applications.

Power supply solution

By combining the device with PROeco or PROmax switched-mode power supply units, the interruption-free DC-UPS or the diode modules, it is possible to create highly customisable power supply solutions.