Control Station Large application product

Making complex systems in hazardous areas more service-friendly
Klippon® Protect combines functions in the Control Station Large


Decentralised applications in explosion-risk environments require particularly safe and compact solutions to control and operate motors, pumps, valves or whole machines.

Due to the Control Station Large, the latest application product in our Klippon® enclosure system, it is now possible to bundle all these functions in one enclosure and combine them sensibly with one another. For example, control points with additional signal converters or fieldbus distributors with manual control units.

The application-specific combination of multiple different functions in one enclosure reduces the space required and saves time on installation and servicing. As well as the Control Station Large, there is also the Control Station Small, which is a compact on-site control point, plus there is the traditional distributor enclosure with modular terminal blocks, all in a consistent design.

The increasing complexity of systems in hazardous areas means the solutions need to be more and more multi-layered. The option of combining multiple functions in a single enclosure makes the Control Station Large ideal for these requirements.

Many functions – one enclosure

Control points, fieldbus distributors, signal converters or even signal and power distributors – all these functions can be combined in a single enclosure as required.

Product advantages

Many applications – one design

Both the proven terminal box and the on‑site control points or FOUNDATION fieldbus solutions can be produced in a consistent design – even when using different enclosure series within an application.

Various enclosure materials

Depending on the local environmental conditions, the enclosure of the Control Station Large can be made of electropolished stainless steel, powder-coated aluminium or glass fibre-reinforced polyester.

Customer-specific assembly

Combinations of different command transmitters and signalling devices with electronic components such as transmitters and fieldbus components, plus their wiring and connection terminals, can be developed and produced to meet exact customer requirements.

Three functions in one enclosure

Terminal distributors, fieldbus distributors and signal converters or on site control points can all be combined in a single enclosure with the Control Station Large.